It is from the hard work of each one of these people, whether it be in the vineyard, the winery, the office, or in the exportation markets, that our wines are born, giving the consumers the opportunity to taste them, all around the world.

  • Pedro de Mello
    Pedro de Mello President
  • Pedro Pereira Gonçalves Executive Director
  • Cristina Azevedo Coutinho
    Cristina Azevedo Coutinho Non Executive Director
  • Filipe de Mello
    Filipe de Mello Executive Director - CFO
  • Vasco Luís de Mello
    Vasco Luís de Mello Non Executive Director
  • João Azevedo Coutinho
    João Azevedo Coutinho Non Executive Director
  • João Vilar
    João Vilar Export Manager
  • Francisco Matos e Silva
    Francisco Matos e Silva Export Manager
  • Vasco Rosa Santos
    Vasco Rosa Santos Winemaker - Viticulture & Oenology General Coordinator
  • Gonçalo Ribeirinho dos Santos
    Gonçalo Ribeirinho dos Santos Marketing & Communications Manager
  • Margarida Oliveira
    Margarida Oliveira Trade Manager
  • Susana Lopes
    Susana Lopes Sales & Marketing Assistant
  • Ana Monteiro
    Ana Monteiro Planning and Management Control
  • Maria do Carmo Bragança
    Maria do Carmo Bragança Hotel & Logistics Manager
  • Conceição Coelho
    Conceição Coelho Administrative
  • Sofia Beltrão
    Sofia Beltrão Administrative and Financial Support

Our Values

Our wines are the result of a rigorous, committed and dedicated work of the people who make up our team, but they are also the result of the consumers who, day after day, pursue and buy our products.

At Ravasqueira, as is the case of other companies that make up the José de Mello Group, we have three fundamental values that guide us on a daily basis, helping us to overcome our challenges, no matter how big they are.


Look into the future by learning from the past and to not be afraid of combining the two. With the spirit of anticipation and the continuous search for new opportunities, Monte da Ravasqueira bets on innovative alternatives that stand out in the Portuguese industry.



At Ravasqueira, individual contribution is seen as the key to collective success. Investing in people enables us to make every day a constant source of learning and knowledge sharing.



Despite its family nature, Monte da Ravasqueira develops a highly demanding business project counting on a highly qualified and diverse team. Determination and rigour are essential requirements for anyone at the José de Mello Group. The commitment to qualified and highly competent professionals leads to the realisation of coherent solutions, based on the assumptions of quality, term, and value inherent to all Group companies.