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Wines of pure sense of terroir that have a unique expression from the micro-terroir in our vineyard. These are wines that result from an incessant search for spontaneous micro-terroir that, if not sought after, would never express themselves. They are discoveries and artistic expressions of the art of viticulture and oenology in combination with the terroir. This is a range of unique and exclusive wines.


These wines come as part of a growth strategy for Ravasqueira. They are wines that seek to meet the needs and desires of consumers that our clientele serve. These are exclusive brands, thought out and designed exclusively for the customer and the experience of consuming wines of superior quality.

About our wines
About our wines


45 hectares that we began to work on in an innovative way in 2012 thanks to precision viticulture. This new concept of terroir means that all Monte da Ravasqueira wines are subject to a careful selection that allows us to produce wines of a superior quality while presenting specific characteristics per range.


“Monte da Ravasqueira is the sum of all its diversity. Knowing how to expose diversity when it is beneficial or simply integrating it when appropriate is our biggest challenge. Our will is to show that with knowledge, dedication, innovation and persistence we have our best reflection in the eyes of those who drink a bottle of our production”

Vasco Rosa Santos

“Ravasqueira offers the most diverse tools and challenges to a winemaker. Unique vineyards that, as a team, we continuously work to enhance and ensure that great Alentejo wines come from here, among the best in Portugal and in the world. This is our daily goal.”

David Baverstock